The enhanced eHajar with biometric based attendance register is implemented in District Collectorate in September 2011 to monitor the attendance of the employees. eHajar is not only an attendance management system, but also is a work flow based system for management of leave, training, tour, movement and compensatory off of the employees. The system is working as an extended application to DC*Suite in Kannur. The user credentials from DC*Suite is used in eHajar also. The section wise attendance monitoring is provided in DC*Suite.

The primary objective of eHajar is to improve productivity and make employees more responsible and up to date. The system also facilitates the employees and reporting officers to keep track of their leave, tour and training.

Finger print scanners were installed at 6 convenient locations in the Collectorate and attendance inputs ( sing-in & sign-off) were extracted from the device into eHajar on a daily basis. The system has facilities for online monitoring and offline reports. The leave/ training/ C-off requests can be filed online by the employees and approved by reporting officers. eHajar can also be implemented as a standalone system unlike the model which was implemented in Kannur by linking to DC*Suite. eHajar as a stand-alone application is provided to Collectorate, Malappuram and is operational now. The same is under implementation in Kasargod District also. eHajar could be used for multi office with heirarchial structure like Collectorate >Taluk Office > Village Office.