Road Trenching Permit Management System (RTPerMs) is an online solution for managing the permission for cutting/ Trenching of roads by various agencies like BSNL, KWA, KSEB etc. The online system is inagurated by Shri. E K Bharath Bhushan, Chief Secretary of Kerala on 5th October 2013 and is implemented in the PWD division, Kannur. By using this software an individual or an authority can make a request to the PWD for permission to cut/trench a road. The application from an individual will have to be registered from any of the CSCs like Akshaya .The applications coming from within the department can be submitted directly by the departmental users through the software.

Features are

1. Enrolment of Government/Other Department officials & Customer Service Centres

2. Online submission of work request applications

3. Facility for recording payments made by the applicant in any mode like bank cheque/Demand Draft/Challan, once the estimate has been approved.

4. Facility to generate Bank Chalan form for the payment to be made

5. Verification of the application at various stages

6. Role based functioning

7. Automatic generation of estimate letter and proceedings letter of the Executive Engineer, PWD once the application has been approved and/or work order issued.

8. Work search mechanism to help the administration decide the action to be taken on a particular request depending on the road, the type of work and the estimated duration of work.

9. Facility to check the status of the submitted work request at any stage