Project Office(Coir)Kannur

3rd Floor, Civil Station Annex

Sub Offices

1)Coir Inspectorate, Kannur 1 Circle
3rd Floor, Civil Station Annex

2)Coir Insectorate, Kanhangad Cirlce
Mini Civil Station,


1.Registration of coir Co-operative societies and private Units as per KCS act 1969
2.Income support Scheme
         It is given for the workers of Co-operative societies working in Electronic ratt and traditional ratt. It consists of maximum Rs. 110/- as a government share of their daily wage. Workers should be the member of Labour welfare Board and also should have registered in Project Office.
3.Production and Marketing Incentive
         It is for promoting the production and marketing of Coir and coir proucts. Its beneficiaries are primary coir spinning co-operative societies . It is given as grant of 10% of the total sale to coirfed in the previous year by the society.
4.Infrastructure Development Scheme
       It is given for establishing machines for increasing the production and improving the quality and providing primary facilities for workers.Required amount is given based on feasibility and necessity of the project .
5.Establishing Defibering machines
        Private entrepreneurs are given 50% subsidey of their project cost for establishing new DF machinine.
6.Husk procurement and Fibre production
        Coir Co-operative societies are given maximum 2 lakhs as revolving fund for working capital.
7.Governement Share participation
        It is given for the coir societies of those bylaw has given the share for government and also registered in Coir development department as per the KCS act 1969.
8.Managerial subisidy
       It is given as subsidy based on Production, no.of working days, no of workers etc to give the salary of Secretaries , Business mangers of Coir co-operative societiy.
9.Coir Udyami Yojan(CUI)
      Financial assistance is provided for production of Coir and Coir products. This assistance is given for Individuals, Coir-co-operative societies, Self help groups .
      Increase job opportunities, increase the marketing of the coir products, increase the skills of workers, give the oportunities for the public system, utilize the latest technology etc are the purpose of this Scheme.

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