Department of Soil Survey & Soil Conservation

   The Department of Soil Survey & Soil Conservation is the nodal department for the conservation and management of the precious soil and water resources of kerala. The department not only provides scientific database on the soil and land resources of the state for developing suitable soil and land management practices but also implements a variety of projects aimed at conserving and managing these natural resources which is vital for ensuring sustainable development and food security of the state.  Soil and water conservation activities were initiated in the State during the first plan period in 1955.  Considering the importance of natural resource conservation, the Department of Soil Conservation was constituted in 1963 subsequently during 1969, the Department was made an independent unit by the State Government, and has been functioning since then as two units viz.  Soil  Conservation and Soil Survey.  While the Soil Survey wing plays a vital role in inventorising the soil and land resources and in the prioritization and delineation of various watershed based programmes in the State, the Soil Conservation wing executes these programmes across the State to check soil erosion, regulate surface flow of water, promote institute water conservation, control saline intrusion, all aimed to improve agricultural production and productivity.

    Recognising the need to protect the soil and water resources of the state and considering the strong link between the activities of the two units, the Government of Kerala decided to amalgamate the Soil Survey and Soil Conservation wings resulting in the formation of the Department of Soil Survey & Soil Conservation, in 2012.  The Department is vested with the responsibility of inventorisation of the soil and land resources, implementation of various soil and water conservation measures and to synergise the agriculture sector through enhancing productivity for a better future.

Functions of the Department

  • Provide information support on the soil and land resources to all stakeholders including local bodies for the formulation of local level, watershed level and regional level plans, for the implementation of developmental programmes for the optimum use of land resources.
  • Technical support to watershed based development programmes by identifying delineating and prioritizing the watersheds for the implementation of development programmes.
  • Analysis of soil samples which is essential to support the field observations and supplement data for sound interpretation and to provide recommendation for soil resource management.
  • To provide consultancy in all matters related to soil and land development.
  • Conservation of topsoil for enhanced production and productivity.
  • In-situ conservation of rain water to mitigate droughts and moderate floods.
  • Creating infrastructure facilities for augmenting agricultural production.
  • Bring in improved and sustainable agricultural productivity in identified watershed area by adopting soil and water conservation activities.
  • Stabilisation of landslide prone areas of the state by adopting suitable vegetative and mechanical soil conservation interventions to regenerate. Protect and improve the environmental qualities of the selected project areas.
  • Capacity building activities to sensitise the community to involve more creatively in the conservation and development of natural resources.
  • Prevention of soil erosion and run off from the watershed with a view to prevent premature siltation of multipurpose reservoirs and also to reduce flood peaks and runoff volumes.
  • Developing suitable strategies for rainfed farming through peoples participation for potential development of watersheds and promotion of a farming system approach to augment the income of farming communities.

        The directorate of Department of Soil Survey and Soil Conservation situated at Vazuthacaud, Thiruvanathapuram. Director is the head of the department. Department got two wings namely Soil Survey and Soil Conservation. Each wing got Additional Director as the head. Normally Soil Conservation wing has got three Offices in each District viz District Soil Conservation Offices and Two Soil Conservation Offices.

      District Soil Conservation Office Kannur is situated in B Block Civil Station Annexe building at Kannur. The Two sub office are situated at Thaliparamba  and Thalassery the details are as follows.

Organisational set up

Sl No

Name of Office


Telephone Number

Email id


District Soil Conservation Office, Kannur

Civil station B block, Kannur,670002

0497 2768260


Soil Conservation Office, Thalassery


Bank Building, Narangapuram, Thalassery




Soil Conservation Office, Thaliparamba

Mini Civil Station, Thaliparamba, 670141


Main Project Implemented by this Office

  • Soil and Water Conservation Schemes on Watershed basis- RIDF

       (NABARD assisted)

  • Pradhan Manthri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY)
  • Soil and Water Conservation works on watershed basis in Thaliparamba LAC Kannur District under Samrudhi Programme.
  • Rennovation of ponds /water harvesting structures.
  • Drainage Protection and Flood Control Projects.
  • Well Recharge Projects.
  • Puzhasamrakshanam Zilla Panchayath Project.
  • Training Progamme for Farmers, peoples representatives, line departments etc.
  • Seminars, Exhibitions etc.