The Harbour Engineering Department (HED) is specialized in the investigation, planning, execution and monitoring various projects in coastal area. It is a service department to the Fisheries, Port and Tourism departments in the area of their infrastructure development.  The fisheries infrastructure include fishing harbours, fish landing centres, navigation channels, hatcheries,  farms, fisheries schools, office building, water supply  projects and coastal roads. In port sector, major activities are development and engineering maintenance of minor ports. For the Department of Tourism, HED undertakes shore based tourism facilities.

Considering the expertise in doing marine structures, Government of India have given consultancy status to this department for taking up harbour projects for other maritime states/institutions.  


I.Fisheries Sector.

Fishery Harbours

HED has developed and is operating three major fishery harbours of the district. They are,


  1. Mopla bay Fishery Harbour
  2. Azhikkal Fishery Harbour
  3. Thalai Fishery Harbour.

These harbours provide the fishermen, and traders facilities for landing and auctioning the catch in hygienic conditions, berthing of vessels, shelters for net mending, locker rooms for fishing gears, water supply and sanitation, canteen etc, the encompassing internal roads, parking area and lighting.

Investigation works are in progress for another harbour at Puthiyangadi.

  • Fish landing Centres 

Fish Landing Centres constructed by the department are,

New Mahe




Of these, the FLCs at Dharmadom and New Mahe are inside creeks and have berthing jetties, while the other two are on sea front, with beach landing facility.

  • Coastal Roads

 Roads owned by local bodies in the coastal region are taken up as one-time projects under the scheme of ‘Upgradation of Coastal Roads’. Many road works are under implementation and the completed roads are handed over to the respective local body for operation and maintenance. The department also take over important coastal roads into its ownership to ensure their future maintenance.

II.Port Sector

The major infrastructure project undertaken for the Port Department by HED is the Azhikkal Port. The project involved construction of breakwaters, quay wall, port yard, navigational channel etc.

III. Tourism Sector:

The Payyambalam Beach Walk way Project is under implementation as a deposit work of the Department of Tourism.

IV.Other Works

The department has undertaken the following projects of other departments as deposit works:

  1. Industries Department : Construction of internal roads at Andoor Industrial Development Area.
  2. Kannur Corporation : “AMRUT” project – Payyambalam and Neerchal outlets – Construction of groynes.
  • Other than these, the department has also taken up coastal protection works in the immediate vicinity of harbours. Construction of groynes on South side of Thalai Harbour Under the financial and of KIIFB is such a project.


The Department has the following offices in the district. Office address, Name of Head of Office, State Public Information Officer of RTI ACT 2005, are given below.


District Office:

Harbour Engineering Division

Mopla Bay Fisheries Complex

Kannur 17

Tel: 0497 2732161


Name and Designation of

State Public InformationOfficer

Appelate Authority


Sri. Balakrishnan TV

Executive Engineer

 Cell: 9961945566


Sri.P.K. Anilkumar

Chief Engineer

Harbour Engineering Department

Kamaleswaram, Manacaud.P.O

Thiruvananthapuram – 695 009

Phone : 0471 2459159

Email :



Sub Divisional Offices:

1.Harbour Engineering Subdivision, Kannur

Ayikkara, Kannur

Tel: 0497 2731766

Name and Designation of

State Public Information Officer:       Sri. Sunil Samuel,

 Assistant Executive Engineer

Cell: 9496433268

2.Harbour Egineering Subdivision,


Boat Palam.P.O.Azhikkal, Kannur 670 009

Tel: 0497 2771117

Name and Designation of

State Public Information Officer:       Sri. Muhammad Ashraf A,

Assistant Executive Engineer

Cell: 9847387120

3.Harbour Egineering Subdivision,Thalai

PO Temple Gate, Thalassery 670 002

Tel: 0490 2325580

Name and Designation of

State Public Information Officer :Sri. Abdul Jabbar K

Assistant Executive Engineer

Cell: 9388546586