Inland Navigation Division


            Inland Navigation Division, Kannur is in charge of formation, development, renovation, dredging excavation and protection work of Inland Navigation canals extending from Payyoli lock in Kozhikode to Neeleswaram in Kasargode.  Construction of boat jetties/boat terminals, their repair and maintenance etc are also entrusted with this division.   Inland Navigation Division, Kannur also construct foot bridges, road bridges, navigation locks etc. at various places between Payyoli and Neeleswaram conducting investigation for waterways, hydrographic survey and soil investigation work for waterways are vested upon this division.

            The Executive Engineer, Inland Navigation Division, Kannur is empowered to give technical sanction upto 100 lakhs for various works except investigation and deposit works.  For investigation and deposit works, technical sanction power is 50 lakhs.  This office invite tenders and execute agreements for works the estimate cost of which falls within the technical sanction limit of the Executive Engineer.

     The following is the cost of tender Schedules :

  1. Estimate upto 50000/- : Rs.300/-+ Service tax 10% + GST 18% +Cess 1%
  2. From 50000/- to 10 lakhs :  0.2% of the estimate amount (subject to a minimum of Rs.500/-& maximum 2000/-) +Service charges 10% + GST 18% + Cess 1%
  3. From 10 lakhs to 1 crore :  Rs.2500/- + GST 18% + Service tax 10% +Cess 1%

            Contractor participating in tenders are liable to remit 2.5% of estimate amount as Earnest Money Deposit .  The Contractor are categorized into different classes according to their license.  Contractors with ‘C’ Class registration can participate in tenders having estimate upto 100 lakhs and ‘B’ Class contractors are eligible for tendering works amounting upto 250 lakhs.

            This office is also providing the service of ‘C’ class registration of contractors.  The following are the requirements for taking ‘C’ class registration.

  1. Experience certificate issued by an office not below the rank of Assistant Executive Engineer, certifying that the applicant has supervised either a single work costing not less than 25 lakhs or atleast 5 works costing at least 10 lakhs.
  2. Registration fees of Rs.2500/- + Service tax 10% + Cess 1%. The above should be remitted into treasury under the  H/a :0702-01-810-97 and receipt enclosed with the application.
  3. Solvency certificate worth 10 lakh obtained from a scheduled bank.
  4. Security deposit of 50,000/- pledged in favour of the Executive Engineer of which at least 25000/- should be in the form of Treasury Fixed deposit.
  5. Attested copies of PAN, AADHAR and copy of acknowledgement of filing income tax return.
  6. 2 copy of passport size photos, address proof, Certificate proving date of birth, Attested copy of deed (For limited companies only)
  7. Declaration stating the applicant is having facilities to E-tender the works.

  If the above documents/Fees etc. submitted are in order the registration will be allowed within ten working days.

 The validity of Contract registration will be 3 years, and will be renewed on request.