Survey and Land Records

The Department of Survey and Land Records is one of the oldest department of the  state.  The original survey of the state was conducted during    1883-1928, separately for the Travancore, Cochin and Malabar area during different  time periods.  The Survey is a  laborious and highly technical job, and  forms the ground work for  Revenue Administration.   The Department in the recent times has ushered in technological advancement by introducing modern survey equipment such as  Global Positioning Systems, Electronic Total Stations and CAD software for preparation of sketches on computers.


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Deputy Director

Deputy Director is in charge of all  survey  matters  including Re-survey and Special Survey. Supervision of  Office work, Field work of all sub offices.


Assistant Director of Survey and Land Records

Assistant Director is in charge of all  Re-survey matters in connection with the survey operations in a survey party.  He test checks in the work of the surveyors either by himself or through his  subordinate  inspecting officers. The Asst. Director of survey approve the new records and  publish a notice  under section 9(2) of the Survey and Boundaries act calling for objections against the survey. Assistant Director  or the Superintendent  of Survey and Land Records  disposes the objections received in response to the  9(2) notice.  After disposing of all objections, the Assistant Director publishes a  notification under section 13 of the Survey and Boundaries  Act declaring that the records are final.


Superintendent of Survey and Land Records

The Superintendent  of  Survey and Land Records is in charge of a field unit. He test checks  the work of the surveyors  and supervises the field work.  He also disposes the complaints  received in response to the section 9(2) notices.


Technical Assistant

The Technical Assistant is in charge of the office checking and  compilations of survey records.  He supervises the work of the Draftsmen.


Head Surveyor

The Head Surveyor supervises the work of the surveyors and conduct test checking.  He also dispose of  the complaints against the survey received during the course of survey.


Head Draftsmen.

The Head Draftsman is responsible for the office checking of survey records and compilation of  records.  He test checks the work of  Draftsmen and supervise their work.



The Surveyor is  conducting the actual field work of resurvey, demarcation, measurements and preparation of land records.



The Draftsmen prepares the  maps and computes the area after checking the records prepared in field.